What is a Holiday Gift Shop?

Our Holiday Gift Shop® is truly the best program offered for your students! Fun Services provides you with everything needed for a successful “Shop” that is “Fun” for your students. When you’re making a major purchase for yourself, don’t you usually “shop around” to be sure you’re getting the Best Deal… Customer Service, Quality, Value and Price? In your shopping process, don’t you find that there is always a difference?

Fun Services would like to think of our Holiday Gift Shop ® program as a “major purchase” for you and your school children. Please do not commit to one program without “shopping around” to see what we offer.

12 Easy Steps to Holiday Fun!

Steps 1-12-01

This is a fun kid-friendly program!  It has become a tradition at so many schools over the years.

Steps 1-12-02

We can work with you to decide how many days you need to sell during the week and which dates might be best.  Programs are held sometime between Thanksgiving and holiday break.

Steps 1-12-03

You will be doing a “no counting of inventory” program!  The pre-programmed register we provide will track your sales.


If you are running the gift shop as a service to your students, you may prefer a 10% profit. If you would like to earn more money for your group/school, go with a higher profit percentage. Occasionally, we get requests to do a 0% profit. We can do this however, we would want to discuss the pros and cons of a 0% profit program with you.

Steps 1-12-05

You have the option to add our Bargain Box merchandise to your program. 

You have the option of adding a Sample Box.  A Sample Box gives you the opportunity to display items in the school, so the students get an early preview of the gifts!

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It’s really a technology preference.  Both versions track your sales and come with a bar code scanning wand!

Your promotional supply box will have everything you need to start planning your shop.  Steps to Success, full color student flyers, money envelopes, tablecloths and picture posters to hang around the school.

Be sure to utilize every opportunity to advertise your Holiday Gift Shop program to students and parents!  School newsletters, student folders, school website, Facebook, etc.  We will email you our logos and pictures you can use in school newsletters and on social media.

Along with your merchandise you will receive, last minute instructions, table display price stickers, register, Mylar self-sealing “To/From” gift bags for each item purchased and Fun Services carry home bags. Please note - If you live outside our delivery area your product will arrive via UPS.

We offer next day reorders or rain check reorders.  Deliver and shipping of reorders is always free!

Complete your billing summary using your daily register report tapes.

Fun Services will pick up any unsold merchandise, supplies, register, competed billing summary and payment check. If you received your product via UPS, we will provide pre-paid UPS return labels for your ship back.

Helpful Tip

Use the tablecloths we provide, then add additional holiday decorations to get your kids in the Holiday Spirit.

Helpful Tip

Use your schools all call/email system as a way to remind parents that their kids will have the opportunity to shop.

Learn More About the Program.

Fun Services In-School Holiday Gift Shops are a no-risk program where you only pay for what you sell. No payment is due until after your sale is finished. There is no inventory to count in or count out, and you can Re-Order merchandise as needed during your sale!

No Risk–No Hidden Fees-50 years experience-Gifts Guaranteed = No Worries!

Free Delivery & Pick Up, Free Daily Re-Orders, Free Promotional Items!

Our Personal Coordinators are available Before, During & After your Sale.

Signing Bonuses Available

Date availability is limited.  Offer is available while supplies last.